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Buffee had a burgeoning career in healthcare but she was restless and felt like there was something more for her to pursue.  She started taking courses online in her free time, working towards a degree in cyber security. We worked together to identify transferable skills that she could market in addition to her education to apply to positions in her new career field.  We did a resume and cover letter makeover and discussed tips on how to interview for her new field.  She used her new resume and cover letter for an opportunity in her home town with a major regional employer and was offered the position!

Buffee Fischer

DeVonne was known as a leader at his employer, a major automotive parts company.  His charismatic attitude and transformational leadership techniques made him well respected but underappreciated.  He wanted to take on greater leadership opportunities and increase his compensation.  After fine-tuning his resume and cover letter to highlight his accomplishments and a total LinkedIn profile transformation, he had an opportunity to negotiate with his employer for more. The final result? A promotion and $10,000 pay increase!

DeVonne Wilkins

Michael recently returned to university to complete his master's degree. After several years outside the US, he was keen to apply his knowledge and experience to a new career in international education. I worked with Michael to design a research project that would showcase his education and experience in the field.   The project, combined with guided feedback about the career search process, helped Michael feel confident about his job search.  Months later, Michael received an offer and accepted a position as an international program advisor at a regional university.

Michael Mohammed


Leigh is an excellent coach who understands that while many of us wish to advance in our careers, we are not always sure of when or how to make a move. As my former director and current friend she has always been a great mentor in my career. We have recently worked together on defining my long term career goals. Her approach to employment, work-life balance, and leadership make her an exceptional ally to those looking for a job that supports personal growth and a better lifestyle.

Jarreth Martina


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